Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mentor Headlands Beach Cleanup Report

Mentor Headlands Beach
Photo: ODNR website,
May 24 was our ninth Mentor Headlands Beach cleanup and it was a big success! The Universe blessed us with gorgeous weather.

Thirty four adults and 4 children participated plus Kristine Bowers and Maureen Burk who were with us in spirit, picking up trash on Barcelona beach in New York . That is a total of 40 people who picked up well over 60 pounds of tiny pieces of all sorts of trash, mostly plastic and smoking paraphernalia. That trash would have further polluted the waters and probably killed fish, birds and other wildlife who would have mistaken it for food and eaten it.

This is a story well worth telling: Maureen Burk and Kristine Bowers were “with” us May 24th and picked up a bag of trash ON THEIR WEDDING DAY - on the very beach they were married on!!!!!!!!  Wedding first – pick up trash afterwards they say!! Can you believe the dedication? I loved it!!!! May their marriage be blessed by the Clean Blue Water Spirits.

Additionally, Becca Ray picked up trash at Mentor Headlands Beach with the Leadership Lake County organization in April.

The cleanup was presented by the Green Sanctuary Planning Team: Judy Willour and Cara Battaglia co-
chairs, Ron Prosek, Jim Rittenhouse, Ann Jacobson, Frank Jacobson, Emily Murphy, Marten Schreiber,
Linda Alexander, Leslie Iosue and Jerol Kennedy. - Jerol Kennedy, Coordinator, Mentor Headlands Beach Cleanups

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