What is Beyond the Beacon?

Welcome to Beyond the Beacon, an online forum for members of East Shore Unitarian Universalist to share thoughts, ideas, wisdom, suggestions, even recipes! This is a place where we come together not as representatives of an institution but as individuals collectively making up the beloved community we know as East Shore. As such, this is a place for all the different voices among our varied congregation, reflecting a wide range of personal believes and opinions.

Why is it called Beyond the Beacon?

On a surface level (you can add more metaphysical explanations to the title on your own!), Beyond the Beacon provides a place to share written and visual messages that aren't appropriate for our Beacon newsletter, whether due to length, content, or other reason. Unlike the Beacon, which shares important  East Shore news and dates of interest to the entire congregation, this is an area to share more personal ideas. Additionally, because of the online format, you do not have the limits of space found in a newsletter, and you have the added benefit of sharing images, photos even video. 

Guidelines for Beyond the Beacon

Beyond the Beacon is a loosely moderated forum, meaning content goes through an editor or group of editors first. Posts do not reflect official positions of  East Shore, so each individual takes full responsibility for their own content. Some guidelines:
  • Be respectful. You can disagree, even strongly disagree, with someone and still be respectful.
  • Be creative. Share something as lengthy as an article or as simple as a photo snapped before church. 
  • Be aware. This is an online forum, viewable and sharable with others outside of the community. It is recommended you use discretion in providing personal details ... it wouldn't be wise, for example to give your address and the dates you would be on vacation!
  • Be connected. Writing online means you can copy a link and share it with others in your personal community, such as friends, family, even the greater UU community.
A few other housekeeping notes: If you post photos of others, particularly children, make sure you have permission, and never use last names or birthdays of kids.


Submit content like you would for the Beacon -- simply mark "for blog" or for "Beyond the Beacon."  Currently Dale, the Beacon editor, is overseeing Beyond the Beacon, but in time this will expand to a team. Interested in helping with this fun project? Contact Dale!


  1. Wonderful idea Dale! Thanks so much for your progressive thinking.

    1. I agree Jan - a wonderfull idea! Now what ever has become of it? One comment in 3 years? and only one reply, at long last? And one other thing to ask (or maybe 2) - with all the bitter feelings between the left wing and the right, isn't there anyone besides me that ever notice both of the wings belong to the same bird? and now, will anyone else ever see these words, where literally anyone from the whole world can see them if only they care to ???