Sunday, June 29, 2014

In The Event Of My Being Consigned To The Plant Kingdom

Rus Stanton's aunt-in-law (is that a designation?) is a poet. Rus wanted to share this wonderful poem written by his wife's aunt, poet Alexandria Sergio.  Enjoy this playful musing about a serious topic.

In The Event Of My Being Consigned To The Plant Kingdom


The artichoke
is class as hell,
harbors a delicious secret
defended by spiked guardians,
rewards effort.
You can't go wrong
with artichokes.

It was broadcast that
the dying man was
 "in a vegetative state"
like fulvous broccoli,
a pitted bean
spotted parsnip,
a life reduced
to sliming greens.

Clutching for some scrim of dignity
to make safe my naked soul,
I've left instructions that should my mind discard itself
while the heart yet whispers,
the announcement,
if it must indicate a change in my taxonomy,
is to say
"she maintains an artichokian essence."

Do not report
that she was last seen resembling a flaccid carrot,
sour with the taint of last week's spinach,
but rather say there prevailed an aura of globed amusement
suggesting that,
tantalizing as the cardoon,
she had a secret
and now you will never know it.

Alexandria Sergio (C) 

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